What makes Women’s Imaging unique?

  • Your story is always listened to. We understand that you have come to us for a reason and we take a full history from you before we start the scan
  • All of our scans are done in much more detail that other providers.
  • We guarantee that all of our scans are checked by our in-house doctor whilst you are still with us (unlike other imaging providers). If any clarification is needed, we do it before you leave the practice.
  • We provide your doctor with a detailed report that is concise, accurate and easy to read.
  • Our up to date technology allows us to obtain the best pictures available on the market and in turn gives you the best possible scan results.
  • All of our sonographers and mammographers are highly trained and experienced and hold the highest accreditation available with the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

Scan Etiquette

Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment to allow you to fill out concerns and a brief family medical history before we call you in for your scan.

Please make sure to bring your doctor’s referral/request form.

We kindly ask that all children are accompanied by another adult so that they can be responsible for your child during your scan and consultation. Their help will prove invaluable to you if they are required to console an upset or bored child and take them out to reception or to see our pretty lavender bushes in our front garden.

Please allow sufficient time for your scan. On average you can expect to be at our practice for 1 hour.

Please switch off your mobile phone upon entry to the practice. Mobile phone calls are not permitted in the waiting room or in the examination room.

Where are we located?

We are a private medical practice. We are located at 18 Main Road, Moonah.

Can you tell me the costs that you charge?

We charge a fee, some of which is refunded by medicare and some of which is not. We only accept card payments. We are a cash-less practice. There are 2 imaging tests that have special clinical stipulations to be eligible for the medicare rebate. These relate to nuchal translucency scans and bone densitometry scans. The reception staff will discuss this with you when you contact us.

Your out of pocket expenses or gap will vary depending on which examination you are having. We do not bulk-bill for obstetric 20 week scans.

If you have a Healthcare card then there will be no out of pocket expenses for some examinations.

Important things to know

  • Please remember to bring your referral on the day
  • We understand that you have come to us for a reason. We like to take a full history before we start the examination.
  • Examinations usually take around 45 minutes depending on the scan type.