Thank you for your continued support.  We are pleased to reassure all referrers that we are continuing to operate through the current Covid-19 restrictions and provide essential imaging services for Tasmanians.

Women’s Imaging would like to inform our referrers about upcoming changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule relating to imaging studies that are performed by us.

These changes will affect 2 areas – mammographic breast imaging and obstetric ultrasound.

As of the 1st of May 2020, the Medicare Item number description for mammographic/ tomographic imaging will be modified in the area of screening where there is a family history of breast cancer.

The requirement is now for there to be “significant history of breast or ovarian malignancy in the patient’s family”.

MBS at this time has not defined significant family history.  Our interpretation is this includes women at moderately increased risk and potentially high risk which accounts for about 5% of women. FRA-BOC provides an estimation of risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer based on family history.

We have included some general guidelines for the moderately increased and potentially high-risk categories.  Further information can be found on the following website https://canceraustralia.nbocc.org.au/fraboc/

Patients who do not meet the criteria stated in the MBS will be ineligible for a Medicare rebate on their mammographic imaging.

Changes to obstetric imaging applies to the dating and the first trimester scans.  The change reflects changes in clinical practice that have occurred over time and a maternal or potential foetal condition is no longer required as a reason to access a rebate for these scans. This affects rebate numbers 55707, 55704,

Please contact us if you require any further clarification.


Access to Patient Images

Women’s Imaging are now able to grant clinicians access to our patient imaging system. This will allow you to view your patient’s images should you so wish.

There are 2 ways for clinicians to view their patients images.

Clinicians will now find a link at the bottom of all of our reports. Click on that link and it will show you the images associated with that report. (Please note the formatting of our reports have changed with this tool. Please let us know if you are experiencing issues with your reports)

Alternatively, clinicians can gain full access to all of their patients reports at any one time. To do this, clinicians will need to be set up with a Username and Password. Simply contact our Medical Liaison Officer, Rikke Kronborg at M: 0429 016 671 | E: r.kronborg@radiologytasmania.com.au or contact our reception team. Clinicians will be asked for their provider number and to complete a confidentiality agreement before being allowed full access to their patients images.

Referral Pads

To request referral pads or copies of our patient guides, simply contact us and we will get those to you as soon as possible.

Women’s Imaging is committed to delivering results in a timely manner so that Doctors can obtain patient results as quickly as possible. We endeavour to have all of our reports sent to our referrers in 24 hours.

We use the latest technology that is available on the market. We have different ultrasound machines for our obstetrics, gynaecology and breast imaging. Each machine is tailored to getting the best diagnostic image for the particular body part.

First Trimester Screening

As an obstetric specialist practice, we get questions from clinicians concerning the 12 week scan and the various screening pathways. We hope this attachment will help with your understanding.


Breast Imaging

There are currently significant wait times for mammographic imaging appointments. We are offering some additional Saturday breast imaging clinics, where staffing allows. To be eligible for the limited places in these clinics, the imaging request form must be with us in advance. If you have concerns regarding the patient’s symptoms or clinical exam, please fax or email the request form to us.

Fax: 03 62286896 Email: admin@womensimaging.net.au